Carbon collaboration

Recently I was involved in a project oriented towards helping small business take climate action.  The starting point for the project was our recognition that it is both difficult and inefficient for small business to take meaningful steps.  Difficult because they are short on time, strapped for cash, and are busy doing a million other things.  Inefficient because even if they were to find the time and resources to, each would have to embark on a solo journey of discovery and learning.  This led us to think about “carbon collaboration”, a phrase coined by Chris Luederitz. We ran some workshops with small businesses in and around Mont-Saint-Hilaire biosphere reserve outside Montreal.  We used the Three Horizons Approach (THA) and discovered that it 1) enabled participants to make sense of challenging situations, 2) generated experiences that helped participants to question established perspectives, and 3) created an innovation space conducive to producing action-oriented knowledge. Sadaf Taimur, Madeleine Gauthier, Andrea Saleem, Carla Marie Martin, Catherine Potvin, and Christopher Luederitz led the work.